Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Survey to Unearth Military & Pacifist Similarities

William Taylor, a warm and loving man who with his partner Barbara are members of my support committee and Quaker meeting, created a survey with 11 others from the Hartford Friends Meeting in hopes of discovering the shared values and concerns of pacifists and individuals from the military.
We invite volunteers of any age, living in any country, to give us their opinions about similarities between pacifist and military views...You do not need to hold any particular view about war or peace. After January 1, 2007, we will make the results of the survey available to all, and to plan further dialog between the groups.
The survey takes about 30 minutes and can be found here


At 5:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peterson, thanks very much for posting the invitation to fill out the quiz on similarities between military and pacifist views.
And tell Marvin I said he's great, and that you definitely need to hire him as your opening act. He'd be the best opener since the Dead opened for Bob Dylan in the first rock concert at the Metrodome in Minneapolis.
Here's to great shows and completed questionnaires!


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